Thermal Asphalt Restoration

Thermal Restoration Long Cut in Mid Road

Secure, Seamless Finish!


Asphalt roads in BC and Alberta are often older with unknown soil conditions. Under such conditions, the likelihood of performing a good uniform cut on asphalt is low. Traditional micro-trench restoration uses grouting and caulk sealant which is designed for newly engineered roads where the road base is consistent.

Unknown soil conditions often lead to asphalt break down due to water ingress, and uneven base material. Using traditional micro-trench caulk sealant can cause the restoration to fail prematurely, resulting in additional repair costs to you the road owner.

Thermal Asphalt Restoration

DSG Communications utilizes a unique infrared/thermal restoration process. Using the latest in thermal restoration equipment, repairs are quick and seamless.

DSG-Thermal-Restoration-Preparing-Trench DSG-Thermal-Restoration-First-Section-Restored

DSG Thermal Restoration of Micro Trench

A seamless thermal repair can ensure that asphalt does not breakdown due to water ingress or caulking failure. This is the most successful option in order to reduce long term asphalt repair costs.

DSG Communications Thermal Restoration

Security of your Fibre Optics

Fibre optic network owners are often concerned about fibre optic line security. Traditional micro-trench caulking can easily be removed and the cable accessed. For ultimate security, a seamless thermal asphalt restoration bars access to the cable without extensive jack hammering or machine digging.

Even if there are cobbles or bigger stones under the asphalt that caused cracking or widening of the cut, thermal restoration will ensure consistent, seamless pavement.